Autoslide iOpen Tag Set

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The Autoslide iOpen Tag Set is an add-on accessory to the Autoslide and MultiDrive systems. This pack includes two (2) iOpen Tags and one (1) RFID transmitter (wired to the control panel with provided cable). The iOpen Tag Set uses active RFID technology to provide a secure activation of your automatic door.

The iOpen Tag transmitter only needs to be mounted on one side of the door (the same side where the Autoslide or MultiDrive unit is installed), which should be the secure side.

Clip the iOpen Tag to your key ring, power scooter, or wheelchair for hands-free activation. The iOpen transmitter will activate your sliding door to the full open width when an iOpen Tag is within the area of detection. The area of detection has three distance settings: 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. These can be changed using the button on the iOpen Tag.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Activation Distance: 10 feet 
Minimum Activation Distance: 3 feet
Colors: Black or White
Power Supply: Provided cable to connect directly to AutoSlide or MultiDrive
Product Code: AS0109RFIDB (black), AS0109RFIDW (white)
Part Number: 636836370057 (black), 636836370408 (white)

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