Automatic Sliding Doors for Your Home

The MultiDrive

Automatic Locking Sliding Doors

The Autoslide iLock Motor has a built-in locking system to automatic lock and unlock your sliding doors. Add this to your system for added security and peace of mind at home.

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Game Changer

"I have three dogs. Three. Big. Dogs. Do you know how many times the back door needs to be opened in a day? The answer is, a whole lot. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!"

Angela W.

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"This device should be a widespread household name. It has so many uses for the elderly, homeowner safety and pet's quite an invention!"

Rick K.

Excellent product. Works as advertised.

"Great do -t-yourself installation. I was very impressed with their motor control. Autoslide works great. Pet door option works great as well."

Michael H.