Autoslide Hand Wave Sensor

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The Autoslide Hand Wave Sensor allows you to activate the AutoSlide or MultiDrive systems for sliding doors with a wave of the hand. This touchless option helps to increase hygiene by reducing cross-contamination points in your home and workplace. It also is a great solution to activate the door when your hands are full but are not able to have a motion sensor mounted above the door.

The Hand Wave Sensor can be used in a wireless or wired format. When used wirelessly, it is powered by two 3 volt batteries (CR2032) that will last you up to a year's time, depending on daily usage. It also comes with the necessary cables to allow a wired connection to the AutoSlide or MultiDrive system. This sensor can be placed in a secure setting for the outside of your home to prevent usage when the door is locked and you don't want access into your home.

Product Specifications

Product Code: AS087HWS (single sensor), AS087HWT (twin pack)

Weight: 1 lb.

Part Number: UPC  638936908321


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