Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor

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The Autoslide Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor uses a wireless connection. It can be installed above the door for people use or it can be installed on the side of the door jamb to be used by pets. When the infrared beam from the sensor is broken by an approaching person or pet, the Autoslide system will immediately be triggered to open the sliding door and provide hands-free convenience. This is especially helpful when your hands are full or for your pets who like to go in and out all day long.

The infrared beam height is adjustable, allowing for it to be set so that an approaching young child will not activate the door and be given easy access outside of the home. It is important to note that installation of only one IR Motion Sensor will only automate the sliding door from one side. To fully automate your sliding door from the inside and outside, two Autoslide Infrared Wireless Motion Sensors will need to be installed.


Single Piece: 1 x Wireless IR Sensor and 1 x 9 volt battery (UPC 638936908413)

Twin Pack: 2 x Wireless IR Sensors and 2 x 9 volt batteries (UPC 859807002102)

Instructions for Installing Autoslide Wireless Motion Sensor for Pet Use