Autoslide Wireless Ten Digit Numeric Keypad

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The Autoslide Numeric Keypad is the preferred secure activation device for the Autoslide Automatic Door System. This security keypad will allow you to enter your home from the outside using a unique programmed code. Combined with the Autoslide iLock Motor, you can have a secure and automated entryway into and out of your home or workplace.

The Numeric Keypad is wireless and provides the benefit of not having to run cables through your exterior walls. It has two channels that will allow you to not only have a regular access code but also one you can change for guests to access your home. The keypad is programmable for two separate codes up to eight digits long each. Audible beeps will alert you to an accepted code as well as an invalid code.

Numeric Keypad Instruction Manual

Product Details

  • Ten digits to choose for code formation
  • Dual-Channel for multi-device or multi-user operation
  • Connects via a wireless signal
  • Weights 10 oz.
  • UPC 638936908383
  • Product Number AS086NKP

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