Pets Much Happier with New Smart Patio Door

Keep Your Pets Happy with Their Own Special Features in Your Home

Your pets are like your children and they deserve to have only the best of the best too! You want to keep your pets happy and show them that they are loved, so we have created a list of a few special features that every pet should have in their home.

  1. A pedal activated drinking fountain is at the top of the list, because it is common knowledge that pets drink more when the water is fresh (or yes, from the toilet). All that your pet needs to do is step on the paw print and water will come out for them to drink.
  2. Cats love to climb and you never know where you will find them. However, once you install a wall-mounted cat maze, you will know where your cats are at all times. These mazes have multiple levels complete with holes, so that your cat can get from one place to another.
  3. We know that you all want to chat with your pet throughout the day and that your pet misses you when you are not home. A videophone will allow you to check up on your pet when you are not home and see what they have been getting into. Your pet can also see you as well as hear your voice.
  4. An automatic pet door is a perfect way for your pets to let themselves in and out of the house at any time. This will keep them happy and you will not need to worry about waking up for those middle of the night squirrel chases that they love so much. Autoslide's pet door systems allow you to use your existing sliding patio doors as a pet door without having to a whole in the wall or door. Add on the iLock feature and you will also get an automatic locking door for more security.
  5. We know that you do not like to get wet while taking your dog out for a walk and well, your dog doesn’t like it either. We recommend purchasing a leash with an umbrella at the end to keep your dog dry during the times when it is raining.
  6. If you are always finding your kitty all curled up in your favorite chair, then you may want to consider an under the chair kitty hammock. This is the perfect spot for your kitty and they can still be close to you as you are sitting in the chair.
  7. You’re not always home to play with your dog, but the automatic fetch machine will fetch balls to your dog whenever they want. This is a wonderful toy for inquisitive and active dogs.

All of these items will help to keep your pet happy and spoiled inside your home. After all, they are the King or Queen of your home... or, at least they think that they are!

Be sure to do your research when deciding on which pet door option is best for you. To get more information on Autoslide's pet door option mentioned, contact one of the authorized dealers located throughout North America. You can also call 833-33SLIDE.

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