Autoslide to Display New Products at CES 2022

Autoslide will be attending and displaying new products at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The three new products to be shown are the AutoSwing, a new Bluetooth app with gateway (AutoPlus), and the Privacy Package to create a touchless entry/exit to a bathroom. You can view these new products and more at Autoslide's suite located in the Venetian Resort, Suite 34-309.

AutoSwing is an automatic door system for swing doors. It was designed for residential and light-commercial applications (i.e. office doors, bathroom doors, clean rooms, etc.). The slimline profile allows provides an aesthetic look and is able to be mounted to existing swing doors. All existing Autoslide sensors are compatible with the system. Some unique highlights include a backup lithium battery, external LED lights, voice notifications, and the ability to integrate with a fire alarm system.

Control Your Autoslide, MultiDrive, AutoSwing with Alexa

The new Autoslide app is being launched in February 2022. It is a Bluetooth based app that allows zero latency when controlling the AutoSlide, MultiDrive, and AutoSlide locally. With the addition of the AutoPlus gateway, you will have control of your doors remotely. In addition, the AutoPlus will allow you to take advantage of the Alexa integration. Now you can control your devices using your voice on the Alexa platform, which allows for even greater accessibility for opening doors in the home.

Automatic Touchless Bathroom Doors

Autoslide's new Privacy Package, when paired with one of our systems, creates a touchless entry and exit for bathrooms. It will eliminate the piles of paper towels at the bathroom door as well as help to reduce cross contamination. The Privacy Package is compatible with the AutoSlide, MultiDrive, and AutoSwing systems. It includes status lights to let you know if the bathroom is vacant or occupied. A speaker will also alert you if the bathroom is in use or free, allowing those who are visually impaired to know the status as well. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this touchless feature will help in office buildings by providing an additional health prevention protocol.

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Debra Aiken

Will the app connect to the current Autoslide doors? Is there an additional device that will need installed on the door to make it Bluetooth compatible? Or will the app only control a new Autoslide door opener device?

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