Autoslide at CES 2023 Showing New Yale Integration with AutoSwing

We're thrilled to be back at CES in 2023 for another display of our cutting-edge technology. This year, we will be showing how AutoSwing and the New Yale Smart Lock are revolutionizing the way people access and navigate their homes. In addition, there will be a demonstration of how homeowners can now control their doors with their voice using's intuitive AI-driven home automation platform. There will also be a sneak-peak at the new AutoLift motorized handle for lift and slide doors.

With AutoSwing, you can enjoy the convenience of automated swing doors and pivot doors that open and close with a touch of a button or the sound of your voice. This compact automatic door system was designed with the consumer in mind. It maintains all the functionality seen in the AutoSlide and MultiDrive plus additional features, such as fire alarm integration and speaker to provide audible alerts.

The new Yale Assure Lock 2 smart lock is designed to work in conjunction with AutoSwing, allowing people to easily exit and secure their homes without lifting a finger. The lock integrates seamlessly into Autoslide's comprehensive smart home platform, giving users total control over who has access to their home without ever having to fumble for keys in the dark.

For those interested in incorporating voice control into their home automation experience, is now compatible with Autoslide products – allowing you to use voice commands such as “open the garage” or “close the front door” from anywhere within range of your device’s microphone range. This integration makes it easier than ever before for users to manage multiple different entry points around their house with minimal hassle or inconvenience – giving them unparalleled access and security in one package.

The new AutoLift motorized handle provides even more convenience when it comes to opening and closing lift and slide patio doors. With this advanced technology, homeowners can add a single button to their door jamb that will automatically raise the panel up or down when pressed - enabling effortless use at any time of day or night.

In addition to its numerous conveniences, Autoslide products are also extremely safe and secure. Each product features sophisticated motion detection technology that immediately stops moving panels if an object is detected in its path - ensuring peace of mind for owners at all times. Additionally, all Autoslide products come with built-in encryption protocols that protect against unauthorized access or manipulation of your system by intruders or hackers.

To learn more how Autoslide, Yale, and are increasing accessibility and convenience in the home, stop by our suite at the Venetian this week at CES 2023. Send us an email at to schedule a meeting or a time to see these demos.

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