Automatic Sliding Doors are as Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Sliding Door Automation is Easier than You Would Imagine

Sliding Door Automation is Easier than You Would Imagine

Automatic doors are extremely popular in the commercial world. Every time we go shopping, we see auto-open doors. They allow us to gain entry to the places we shop and open so we can leave when we have a cart full of merchandise. Today we’re going to show you how you can have that same convenience in the comfort of your own home, and it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Purchase an Autoslide System – Our Autoslide bundles start at only $399 for the basic system. They include everything you’ll need to install and operate the system. All you have to do is install them on a sliding door, indoosr or outdoors.
  2. Install the Unit – Installation only requires a few tools; nothing that the average homeowner doesn’t already have in their toolbox. The entire installation and calibration process only takes about an hour.
  3. Enjoy the Convenience – Once you’ve installed and calibrated the system, it’s good for everyday use.

Indoor Uses

Automatic Pocket Door OpenerMany homeowners use interior pocket doors instead of standard hinged doors throughout the home. Pocket doors slide into the wall when they’re open and do not take up nearly as much space as the standard interior door. They also present the same challenges as sliding glass doors or French doors, because elderly hands have a difficult time opening them as needed. Our Autoslide system can be installed on pocket doors inside the home as well as sliding doors or French doors.

Outdoor Uses

Our Autoslide systems are often installed on the exterior of the sliding glass door that leads to the patio or deck. They’re extremely durable and a wonderful way to allow elderly homeowners or pet owners to easily access the outdoors.

For Pets

We also carry a wonderful line of automatic pet doors that allow your pet to go out as needed and back into the house without your assistance. Our pet door system works via motion sensor or collar tag. The collar tag system opens and closes only when your pet is near the door. It is a little more secure than the motion sensor that may let the neighbor’s dog or cat, or a wild animal, enter your home.

More Information

Automatic doors are increasing in popularity throughout the United States and Canada. In fact, we have an extensive network of authorized dealers, so you’re sure to find a dealer near you. Contact the nearest Autoslide of America dealer and discuss your individual needs with them. They will be able to answer your questions, address your concerns, and even install the system for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.


Danielle Moreau

I really love the idea of having a pet collar that opens and shuts the door when they want to go out. I would be afraid of installing a simple motion detector on an exterior door, but having something the door detects on the pet’s collar would assure that the door isn’t opening for just anyone. I might look into that for my cat. She wants to go in and out all day.

Charles Kemp

You don’t see many sliding automatic doors unless you are going to the store. I think having an automatic door would really help if ou were disabled or had a hard time using the doors. It would be really cool if you could get an automatic door for the front door so that when you bring in things, you could have the door stay open.

Tobais Armstrong

I had no idea that there were so many legitimate uses for a sliding electrical door. Some of these ideas make a lot of sense – for pets, example. But there are some things that I hadn’t thought about, like saving interior space. Outdoor use is another thing that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for the tips!


There isn’t a dealer near me. Is your installation video online so I can decide whether or not I think I can install it myself?

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