Autoslide's Residential Automatic Door System Launches Into the National Spotlight

Autoslide Will Make Its National TV Debut During Episode of Bath Crashers on the DIY Network on Monday, October 26 at 10:30pm Central Time

Tampa, FL, October 21, 2015 - Autoslide USA will have its flagship product, the Autoslide Automatic Sliding Door Starter Kit, displayed in action in Episode 1103 on DIY Network’s show Bath Crashers. The title of the episode is “Life Changing and Accessible.”

Autoslide, which designs simple and affordable residential automatic door systems, is now launching on a national scale in the U.S. market. The Autoslide system was created as a do-it-yourself project that the average homeowner can afford. It can be installed easily by anyone who is semi-handy in just 60 minutes.

The original target market for the Autoslide was for pet owners so they could convert their existing sliding patio door into an automatic pet door. While this is still a popular pet door option, the uses in the mobility and accessibility market have grown and have improved the quality of daily life for many people.

One life changed was Mat: "I have MS and the reason why we thought we would give it a try was to prevent me from trying to get up to let my dogs out all the time. Well, all we can say is it’s the best thing we have ever come across. Once is AWESOME.”

Autoslide has designed various automatic door kits with its customers in mind. There are three different automatic pet door packages available, which gives flexibility to pet owners how they want their door to be activated. Also designed is a mobility kit with remote controls that allow those with special needs to activate their sliding doors with ease. Autoslide can be mounted on any sliding door or window in the home and does not require a newly installed door.

Autoslide USA, based in Tampa, Florida, was founded in 2015 and is the headquarters for operations in North America for Autoslide Pty. The parent company, Autoslide Pty, is based out of Sidney, Australia and was founded in 2004 with an official product release in 2011. The inventor, Mark Hancock, also owns a commercial door automation company, ADIS Automatic Doors, along with his brother, Darren Hancock.

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