Hands Free Automatic Doors Make Home Entertainment a Breeze

Millions of people across the United States entertain friends and family throughout the year. While your guests are over, they are constantly moving back and forth from inside the home to the patio area or outside deck or simply transitioning from different spaces throughout the home. If you are hosting an all American grille out, they are probably carrying food and drinks around with them. Avoid the accidental spills while trying to open the door and keep the A/C inside the home with Autoslide. If you have ever had to deal with sliding glass doors and screen doors, then you know that this becomes an irksome task that could really put a wrench into how easily you move back and forth from inside your home to the deck. Let’s talk door automation.

Automate the Sliding Door

For homeowners who are looking for something different or perhaps changing door types, you don’t have to spend a great deal. Instead, think outside of the proverbial box. The answer isn’t to have more people helping you open and close doors...it’s to have automatic sliding doors. Go for hands free operation so that when it’s time to bring out the chicken, ribs, or just about anything you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can do so without having to get an extra pair of hands to open the door to help you to the deck or backyard.

The automation technology that has come to homes across the country is simple and has added a whole new level of entertainment for homeowners. This simple touch could help with so many different parts of life and could very well give you peace of mind when entertaining or when dealing with an emergency situation.

For The Elderly

Perhaps the concept of entertaining doesn’t interest you enough to consider automating the sliding glass door. If that’s the case, consider the elderly and small children who may have a hard time opening sliding glass doors. Automating the sliding door helps elderly parents visit the deck or patio without requesting help and feeling like they’re being a bother to others in the home. Maintaining that amount of independence is extremely important to most elderly parents.

Sliding doors can be heavy and difficult to manage when you are not as strong as the average healthy adult. This can pose a serious issue and cause many to feel trapped. To offset that, simply add automatic doors to help with transitioning from inside to outside with ease. Our doors allow you to give elderly family members a little bit of a freedom and self-sufficiency. It’s something that most people don’t really think about at first, but if you really consider it, you’re doing a favor for those in their golden years.

Test it for Yourself

If you have a sliding glass door anywhere in your home, consider automating it. Just think about how it will improve the quality of life for all family members. Once in place, you can rest assured that your home will be easy to entertain in and it will give you a sense of modernity that is not quite the standard in all of the homes in the neighborhood. It’s a great option to consider, and something that is absolutely positive overall for all members of the household.


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We would be happy to help you out. You would just need to purchase the Autoslide Kit that has the features you want and mount it to your existing sliding doors. The most important thing is to make sure your doors flow smoothly. If they don’t, you will want to have them serviced before installing the Autoslide. Please email us at info@autoslideofamerica.com if you have any other questions.

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I want to replace my sliding glass doors in my home with automated ones.

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