How Smart Home Technology Can Improve Your Health and Your Life

Technology is not just isolated to one area of life. Most people hear the word tech or technology and get this notion that it’s only computer systems, software updates, and things housed within cubicle land. That’s not always the case though. Take the home for instance. Modern homes today are glowing with the latest tech and it’s proving to enhance health, wellness, and so much more. Smart home technology is interesting because it helps curate a lot of elements and ease trivial decision making into something that becomes automatic. But with all this, how is health and wellness affected?

Fighting Anxiety First Hand

Control Your Stove from a SmartphoneOne issue that many homeowners face is anxiety. Did you lock the doors? Close the side entrance? Turn off the heater? Turn down the air conditioning unit? Turn off lights, stove? These thoughts all come racing at people when they commute to work or simply leave the house for a few hours. Many worry that the coffee pot or other appliance that they left on will cause a house fire while they’re at work, but turning around to check half way through the commute will make them late for work – causing even more stress. Anxiety builds into a powder keg that could lead to heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and more. 

This type of anxiety is brought about due to a feeling of lack of control. What if you could gain a semblance of control and ease burdens associated with anxiety? Well, that’s what smart home technology is doing. With connections that tie your smartphone to the power and other components of your home, you can easily turn things off and work within the parameters of various elements without any anxiety whatsoever. You get control, and that’s easy to move forward with.

Getting Started with Smart Home Technology

Start simple! Three of the least expensive ways to improve your home’s IQ are very affordable and very easy to install. Let’s take a look at those now:

  • Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors: How many times have you had to juggle kids, groceries, pets, and keys to unlock the door after a day of shopping? Imagine the simplicity of pressing a button and having the doors open, allowing you easy entry into your home. A basic Autoslide system can be purchased and installed for less than $450.
  • Automatic Pet Doors: Busy families often find it difficult to properly house train new pets. This often creates the need to rehome an otherwise-loved pet. Instead of finding a new home for the pet, install automatic pet doors that open for the matching ID tag your pet wears on their collar. Automatic pet door systems generally start out in the $500 to $900 range.
  • Security Cameras: People often fear the worst when they consider installing security cameras. You can actually install great quality security cameras that you can monitor from your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet for less than $1,000.

When Things Go Wrong

As it pertains to health and wellness, smart home technology can help with notifying authorities if something goes awry. From smarter home alarm systems to alerts for those living with disabilities, automation can help assist those who are dealing with emergencies get help fast. Whether it’s a slip and fall, or a robbery in progress, smarter homes can call for help and alert someone fast. This once again gives the homeowner peace of mind and lowers the blood pressure of homeowners who are prone to worry.

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