Smart Home Technology is More Affordable than Ever

Autoslide DIY Automatic Pet Door SystemTechnological advances in smart home technology, such as the Autoslide DIY Door Automation System, allow us to keep an eye on things at home from the office or even from the beach or halfway around the world. Some of the most amazing pieces of smart home technology are much more affordable than you may think. Let’s take a look at eight of the most commonly-used pieces of technology for homes today.



Security systems that allow you to receive notifications to your smart phone if something goes awry at home may be purchased for as low as $150. More expensive options are available of course, but this is a good starting price. This type of system would allow you to receive a notification if a window opens, if someone enters or leaves your home, or if an unknown vehicle pulls up to your home. These systems can be purchased at paces like Lowe's or online sites such as


Security cameras are quite inexpensive as well. You can purchase motion sensor cameras for roughly $50 each and a full system that records to a computer’s hard drive begins at about $250. A nice, full color, 1080p camera system with four cameras connected to your computer will run about $900. This type of camera is accessible via IP address from any smart phone, tablet, or computer with access to the IP address and login credentials.


Programmable thermostats have been around for several years. These may be purchased for as little as $40 for base models and in the $150 range for more high-tech models.

Lights and Appliances

Install lighting and appliances that you can sync with your smart phone. LiftMaster's MyQ system not only allows you to open your garage door from your smartphone but also control your home's lighting. This way you can double check the coffee pot you aren’t sure you turned off and turn the lights on while you’re driving home from work. Costs for this type of appliances range from $25 to well over $200.

Door Locks and Access Entry Systems

Unlock the door while you’re walking toward your home just like you do with your car so you don’t have to fumble for your keys. These electric locks can cost as little as $100 and as much as $500. Your door type and the level of security you required will determine which lock is best for you.

Automatic sliding doors allow homeowners access to their home at the push of a button. Automatic door locks installed on an automatic sliding door, such as Autoslide, are an intelligent way to create a keyless entry automatic door system for your home. The Autoslide system starter kit is $400 and we offer some impressive deals on accessories for your family and pets.

Sound Systems

Set your entire home up for full house-wide music at the touch of a button for about $300 for a basic system. Systems that offer the richest sound possible cost more, obviously.

Mobile Apps

Most of the systems we just mentioned have free apps that control them from anywhere. Begin your search online by looking for a specific home automation system that would improve your lifestyle and narrow down your search based on the criteria you need.

Turning your existing home into a smart home takes time and some money, but, as you can see by our list, it doesn’t cost a fortune. The peace of mind you gain from these systems and knowing that your home will practically tell you if something is wrong is priceless.

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