Autoslide Automatic Pet Doors are a Revolutionary Way to Let Your Dog Out

Buy A New Automatic Pet DoorA lot of dog owners worry about the potential security issues related to dog doors and having a hole in the door that any animal can walk through. Our solution to those security problems is the Autoslide automatic pet door. We offer a few different options for homeowners with specific needs, and we would love to discuss solutions with you. For now, let’s take a look at the options we have available:

Motion Sensor Dog Door

The motion sensor dog door opener has an infrared sensor that sees your pet and allows them to enter the home. This type of sensor does not verify that your small dog is your dog and not a raccoon or a stray cat. We only recommend this type of automatic dog door opener if you live in an area that allows you to be unconcerned about whether other creatures will enter through the automatic pet door.

The motion sensor dog door is ideal for people who have small pets such as chihuahuas or cats that don’t normally wear collars. We also recommend this model for people with very large pets such as great danes or greyhounds. We do not recommend this type of pet door for people with black pets because the infrared sensors don’t pick them up as easily as they do lighter colored pets. We recommend the i3 Pet Door Kit for those with black pets.

Collar ID Pet Door (i3 Pet Door Kit)

The collar ID pet door opener is designed with a small magnetic tag that attaches to your pet’s collar along with their other tags. The door is specifically designed to only allow access to those pets wearing the tag. Once your pet walks within range of the sensor, the door will open and the pet can gain access to the home. These kits come with two collar tags, but you may order more separately if you have multiple pets

Automatic Doormat with Pet Sensor

The automatic doormat sensor has an automatic pet door function. The mat, about the size of a heating pad, is placed in from of your sliding door in a convenient location. Place a regular door mat over the sensor to hide it. When your pet steps on the door mat sensor, the automatic pet door opens and the pet may go out.







Automatic Doors and Safety

We always recommend that our automatic door systems and automatic pet door opening systems be used responsibly. If your pet regularly goes to visit the neighbor’s dog and runs back home, the neighbor’s dog could gain access to your home if you aren’t careful.

Each of our pet door accessory kits work with the original Autoslide automatic door system. The system itself is extremely easy to install and only takes about an hour for most do-it-yourself types. Give us a call at 813-885-DOOR if you would like to discuss the Autoslide product and the pet options we have available.

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