Getting an Automatic Sliding Door Installed in Your Home

Today’s average homeowner loves the idea of modern conveniences, and the sliding door is currently one of the hottest trends in home renovation and new home construction. The idea of a smart home is undeniably appealing, and many of these changes are not very expensive compared to the convenience and benefits they offer. Anything that makes your life a little easier will add to your comfort level, so it is worth thinking about the ones that will work for you.

We’re referring specifically to Autoslide DIY doors today. Installing an automatic sliding door is a good way to let more light into your home. The fact that it is automatic makes it convenient for small children who might have difficulty pushing the door open or closed, people with disabilities, or ease of entry to the home after a large shopping trip. This type of door might sound like an expensive prospect, but some, like the AutoSlide, are within reach of most budgets.

Autoslide Installation

This product will be a hit with do-it-yourselfers, as it is made with them in mind, and it was designed to be easy to install. There are different types in the product line, but basic steps for setting up the automatic door include:

  • Remove the timber fascia from the original door
  • Install the rack and drive unit
  • Attach the rack and make sure it is aligned with the cogwheel in the drive unit
  • Allow the system to calibrate itself
  • Make sure that the rack is cut to the appropriate size, based on the width of the door
  • Once it is set up, attach the power cable and switch the system on

If the task seems daunting, you can get some help. This might not be necessary, as the instructions in the manual are easy to follow. Once the system is calibrating, lights will flash on the drive system. When the lights stop flashing, the door should be safe to use.

For added convenience, you can sync more than one remote to work with the door. This can be done at the touch of a button, and un-syncing each remote from the Autoslide is just as easy. You can adjust any settings by consulting the instruction booklet at any time.

Find a Local Authorized Autoslide Dealer

As the Autoslide System becomes more popular, there is continued growth of Authorized Autoslide Dealers and Installers around the country.

For instance, in Tampa, FL, Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay is proud to offer the DIY friendly Autoslide automatic sliding door system. With this easy to install system, you can have the door set up quickly, and add a new technological touch to your home. Now you can come and go as you please, without having to reach for a door handle. Talk to them about the Autoslide products available and see what a difference they can make for your home. Call them at 813-885-DOOR.

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