Autoslide's v3 Version Results in Few Problems and Increased Warranty


Your eyes do not deceive you. Autoslide's latest v3 version has been on the money. After years of research, design, and testing, the future has really arrived.

Thanks to the latest design, the service department has been taking a lot of vacations. With very few returns or issues, the Autoslide has found its mark and we are passing the benefits on to you. The Autoslide warranty had been just a standard one year like most electronic products. Not any more. It is now a TWO YEAR WARRANTY thanks to the efforts of Mark Hancock and the Autoslide team.

Mark Hancock - Inventor of the AutoslideAs the inventor of the Autoslide, Mark Hancock has continued to look for ways to improve the unit and its accessories. The latest v3 version was a home run for him with the upgraded motor with more power. Right now, there is a locking mechanism in the works due out sometime later this year. The locking mechanism will make the Autoslide even more versatile and eliminate the need for a third-party device. There are other projects on the table as well but we'll have to keep those hush-hush for now.

With the new two year warranty, Autoslide is establishing its name as a quality product that can be trusted. Why should we expect you to believe in the quality stated if we don't back it ourselves? This was the philosophy behind the increase in warranty, a rarity for standard electronic warranties.


Here is a review from

"I am very impressed with the opener itself. The push button remotes work well, and with decent range. I was able to open the door from about 12' away. It opens quickly, and closes slowly. Both are very quiet, the only sound is the door itself. You can adjust the amount of time the door stays open before starting the slow close. And a little nudge on the door will stop the close cycle, causing the door to re-open and wait the default time before trying to close again. You can also open the door with a nudge of the handle, which starts the full open/close cycle. I found that it properly detected a locked door, and didn't try to force open it over and over again. The unit can also be set so that it only opens or only closes when the remote button is pressed, rather than doing an open/close each time. Installation was very easy."

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