7 Smart Home Features that Homeowners Want in Their Home Today

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Homeowners are always looking for features to make their lives easier and save time and money. The smart home features can be practical and functional or they can be used for entertainment, lifestyle, safety and security. No matter what the feature is though, all of these smart gadgets are fun to use! We have come up with a list of 7 of the best smart home features that every homeowner wants in their home.

  1. Thermostat - There are thermostats that can be controlled with a smartphone and they can also be programmed with the homeowner’s daily routine. One of these thermostats is the Learning Thermostat and this thermostat can actually sense when a house is empty and adjusts the energy usage accordingly.
  2. Turn on lights and adjust shades - It is easy to turn lights on and adjust window shades using a smartphone with the Caseta Wireless system. This will allow homeowners to turn the lights on before they walk into the house. They can also raise or lower the shades at any time of the day, so that the sun is not heating up the house on a hot summer day.
  3. Alarm system - Most people want the security of an alarm system, but they do not want to pay the monthly fees of a traditional security system. An iSmart Alarm system is complete with window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors and cameras that allow homeowners to monitor their house at all times through their smartphones.
  4. Smart door locks - There are many types of smart door locks available and keys may soon become an object of the past. For some keyless door locks, a code needs to be entered for the door to become unlocked. Others can be unlocked with a touch of a button on a cell phone. These are a great way to give other people access to the house at certain periods of time, without having to worry about who has a key or whether the key has been lost or stolen. The codes can be changed easily if there is any concern about someone gaining access to the house.
  5. Smart appliances - Smart appliances seem to be the most popular items on the entire smart home features list. Many of the newer appliances have touchscreen displays, sensors for cooking and other options to save people time and money. Some of the appliances can be turned on with a smartphone, so homeowners can start dinner or the laundry as they are leaving the office for the day.
  6. Regulated shower temperature - Imagine walking into the shower at any time and having the water the perfect temperature. Many homeowners are able to do this with a tech smart shower. These showers have a digital thermostat that homeowners can adjust to set the temperature of the water.
  7. Automatic doors  
Autoslide's automatic door systems are the perfect solution for every homeowner. Imagine being a homeowner and having the ability to have a door open all by itself without having to put everything down. This is even a great feature for people who are no longer able to open a door by themselves. Pets are also able to open the doors, so that they can go outside whenever they need to.

    Smart home features are the way of the future, even though many people think that it is a passing phase. Homeowners should choose the features that they will use as well as the ones that will help them sell the house in the future. Whether you plan to sell your home or live there well into your golden years, you need a home that fits your lifestyle and grows with you. Call Autoslide at 813-885-3667 for information about the lineup of Autoslide Door systems for the smart home.

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