Improve Your Quality of Life with an Automatic Door System

A New Way to Improve Quality of Lift: Automatic Sliding Doors and Windows

Quality of life is something we’re all concerned with at all stages of our lives. The ability to improve our life is something we all have but we don't always know how or the best ways. We can purchase a nicer home, a nicer vehicle, or make home improvements that add to the functionality of our existing home. But which choices are best? Is the smart home idea good? Or is it too far into the realm of science fiction? At one point, the answer was yes...but not anymore. From smart thermostats to automatic doors and windows, the options have increase and the prices have become affordable. Here are several ways an automatic sliding door system will improve your quality of life.

Ease of Movement to the Patio or Deck

No more juggling plates of meats as you walk to and from the grill or trays of drinks when you’re entertaining guests and need to carry things from the kitchen to the deck on a regular basis. The Autoslide system allows you to easily move from inside your home to outside without stopping to juggle plates and open doors.

Ease of Movement from Room to Room

Pocket doors are very common for interior doors leading to the bathroom, bedroom, and even the kitchen. The Autoslide system works just as well with interior pocket doors as it does sliding glass doors. Create an ease of movement from room to room within your home with pocket doors and the Autoslide automatic door system.

Pet Friendliness

Pet potty accidents happen inside on occasion because we can’t stop what we’re doing to allow our dog out to do his or her business. The Autoslide automatic pet door system gives your pet the freedom to come and go as they please while you continue with life as usual. You should always have a fenced yard before allowing your pets to be outdoors alone.

Ease of Entry while Carrying Groceries

We’ve all joked about trying to carry every bag of groceries in one trip or die trying; at least it’s supposed to be a joke. Most of us will stack grocery bags on our arms until there’s no room left just so we don’t have to make multiple trips. The real trouble is getting the door open. The Autoslide automatic door system can be opened via remote just like your garage door, making it much easier to carry in the groceries.

Security Concerns with Patio Sliding Doors

Many people worry about the safety and security of automatic doors, especially those that open using a motion sensor. It would, after all, be easy for any thief, burglar, or neighborhood stray animal to gain entry to the home if some type of locking mechanism wasn’t put into place. You could, of course lock your door manually every time you enter or exit, but that removes the ability to simply keep walking through the door as it opens on approach.

That’s where we recommend the iLock system. This locking mechanism is designed to work specifically with the Autoslide automated door system. All you have to do is activate the Autoslide iLock system and it will secure the door while in normal or pet mode when the door is closed. You can still use your Autoslide door system as normal, but while the door is closed, it will be securely locked. Call 813-885-DOOR for more informaiton or locate a dealer near you for local service.

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