Autoslide Ultimate Pet Doormat Package

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If you like the Pet Doormat option for your dog or cat but are looking for an extra activation option,  then the Autoslide Ultimate Pet Doormat Package is the choice for your new pet door. With a large surface area, your pets can easily activate the pressure sensor mat with only slight pressure. You can it set just for the Pet Mode with the door programmed to open up just wide enough for your pet. In addition, you will receive two four-button remotes to allow control of the door from another room in the home or even the couch. 

The new Pressure Mat slides under your doormat and activates the door via a radio transmitter when triggered by your pet. This simple to use device can be moved around to gain the best method of approach by your pet. The transmitter uses Velcro to attach to the door frame and the mat is positioned under a conveniently located doormat. Two mats are included, one for inside and one for outside, to allow entry and exit to the home by your dog or cat.


Ultimate Pet Doormat Package Includes

  • One AutoSlide drive system with aluminum cover
  • Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
  • Two Large Pressure Mats with transmitters
  • Two Four Button Remote Controls
  • One low voltage plug-in power pack
  • Two 20" tracks with assembly kit
  • Friction Tester
  • Installation screws and tool packet
  • Instruction booklet

Technical Specifications

Product Code: AS088UDMB (black), AS089UDMW (white)
Maximum Drag Weight: 12 lbs.
Available Colors: Black (UPC 638936908390) or White (UPC 638936908406)
Maximum Door Width: 38 inches with included tracks (additional width possible with the purchase of Extension Rack)
Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 24 VDC Power Pack
Safety Auto-Reverse: Yes
Automatic Lock: No
Warranty: Two Year

Autoslide Physical Size

Length: 19 inches (490mm)
Height: 2.75 inches (70mm)
Width: 2.5 inches (65mm)

Weight: 7.9 oz.
Length: 25 inches 
Width:  15 inches