K9 Smart Tag for Autoslide Automatic Pet Door

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Add additional K9 Smart Tags to your AutoSlide Pet Door system for those with more than two fur babies. Two additional tags can be added to the two tags that were included with your original K9 Pet Door purchase. The tags are available in either white or black.

This is for the purchase of a single tag and does not include the transmitter, cables, or Autoslide system to automate your sliding patio door.

The K9 Smart Tag is designed for durability and resistance to water and weather. It is built to withstand light water exposure, including rain, humidity, snow, and brief submersion in water bowls. For optimal performance and longevity, it is recommended to remove the tag before heavy submersion, such as during swimming or bathing.

Please note: If your tag set was originally purchased before November 2021, please contact us prior to purchasing individual tags.

Product Specifications

Size: 1.4" x 1.4" x .47"

Weight: 2 oz.

Product Code: AS0111RFIDPTB (black), AS0111RFIDPTW (white)

Part Number: 636836370842 (black), 636836370859 (white)

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